Corsica Rigid Core - 8.5mm Hybrid

7109 Fawn
7110 Alabaster
7111 Granola
7115 Coastal Blackbutt
7116 NSW Spotted Gum
7112 Nomad
7113 Anchor Grey
7107 Grey Stone
7108 Dapple Grey
7114 Pewter

The 855 Corsica Collection offers a combination of sophistication and sturdiness, allowing a luxurious and refined feel in residential and light commercial spaces. The six millimetre thick core is exceptionally robust, and when paired with the proprietary formulation, ensures unparalleled strength, firmness, and long-term durability. With its heavy-duty core, the Rigid Core hybrid range can resist spillages and is regarded as a premier choice in its sector.

The 855 Corsica Collection provides both an elegant aesthetic and outstanding longevity. It offers 10 captivating colours in realistic wood grain textures. Every design offers a distinct and natural appearance.

Thanks to its extensive color palette, the 855 Corsica Collection serves as an attractive backdrop for featuring a variety of decorating tastes with its ageless look.

Resiplank Rigid Core won't retain dirt like a lot of organic and textile materials. An improved coating is applied to the Resiplank Rigid Core, negating the need for the floor to be sealed post-installation. This protective Resiplank system is engineered to present a hygienic and resilient finish that can protect your floor for years.



  • Rigid Core

  • 1420mm x 225mm x 8.5mm

  • 0.5mm

  • Virgin PVC/ Stone.  

    1 box covers. 1.917

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