Delano Blue Waves Pattern Modern Rug


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The Delano is all about modern / contemporary look rugs with lively colours that can uplift a whole space. Inspire your space with a modern look with Delano rugs. The Delano is perfectly suitable for a high traffic area as it’s durable and robust. The high quality yarn used in ensures the rugs are non-curling on the edges and are lot more stable. Dense heat-set polypropylene freise used makes Delano rugs easy to vacuum and highly durable.


  • High density pile (Durable in the long run)
  • Non curling edges (High quality yarn & double-bound ends)
  •  Easy to vacuum
  •  Non shedding
  •  Modern look
  •  Premium (High definition) look
  •  Soft and silky
  •  Suitable for High traffic area