Royal 521 Red


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This premium selection features historic Persian and traditional European designs, crafted with heat-set polypropylene to be shed-resistant and static-free. These timeless styles complement both classic and contemporary interiors, while the range of warm and cool hues offers abundant versatility. Each piece boasts a fine, even-cut pile and colour-matched all-side binding, which ensures quality and durability. Moreover, the range is easy to keep clean and brings softness and comfort to hard flooring.


Pile Height: 14mm

Made in Turkey

12 Months Warranty


Rug Care Instructions:

• Depending on the foot-traffic your rug receives, rotate the rug at least once every 6 months for even and balanced wear.
• Do not expose your rug to direct sunlight. Use appropriate curtains and draperies.
• Vacuum your rug regularly with a gentle, low-suction setting only. Do not use rotating brush (beater) attachments under any circumstances as they may cause significant damage to area rugs and runners.
• Roll up your rug in plastic sheet for storage and transport and use mothballs inside the roll while in storage.
• Do not use steam-cleaners on area rugs and runners.
• All stains and spillages are to be spot cleaned only. Do not wash or wet the entire rug.
• Act immediately to clean all liquid spillages without delay. Scoop up solids first if any.
• Use paper towel or clean white cloth on both the surface and the reverse side of your rug to blot and absorb spillages. Do not rub or wipe. Repeat the process as necessary.
• Commercial carpet stain removers can be used for the remaining stain on your rug. However, make sure the product does not contain hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or any other whitening agents, and test the product on throw-away fabrics before use.
• Mild household detergents such as dishwashing liquids can also be used by dabbing with a sponge on the remaining stain after blotting initially. However, do not soak the area and use suds only. Reblot afterwards with paper towel and apply plain warm water by dabbing again to remove any detergent residue. After this, reblot the area repeatedly to remove moisture and ensure free air circulation around the spot to dry.
• All rug care instructions above are applicable to outdoor rugs also.
• However, outdoor rugs should only be used under covered patios, verandas, balconies, terraces, decks, and courtyards, and should not be exposed to direct rain and sunlight.
• Wet outdoor rugs should be dried by ensuring free air circulation around both the surface and the reverse side in order to prevent mold-forming.
• For the overall (end-to-end) cleaning of both your indoor and outdoor rugs, make sure to contact a professional rug cleaning specialist.
• Please note: the above information is provided as a guide only. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused due to misuse. We highly recommend regular professional cleaning for your rugs.

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